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Detail of offer no.AR-0FQR-000260
Edited:1/29/2018  Submitted:1/8/2018

Family-house lot Sale

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Adriana Vartiaková

ADRA reality

  • Address Martin
    03601 Martin
  • Telephone 0918730649, 0918686034
  • Contact Vartiak Stanislav
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  • Type Family-house lot / sale
  • Municipality Vyšný Kubín (District Dolný Kubín)
  • Cadastral subdivision VYSNY KUBIN
  • Price 42.00 EUR/m2
  • Size 1 037 m2
  • Readiness for development Approved in the municipal plan
  • Electric connection Within reach
  • Water-service pipe Within reach
  • Total surface of the lot 1037 m2
  • Carriage driveway Asphalt driveway
  • Plot Mostly plane
  • Demarcation in the terrain Landmarks
  • Form of ownership Private

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Adresa sídla firmy:

Abovce 95, 980 44 ,SR




Mierová 13, 982 01, Tornaľa

tel.kontakt: 0905 762 998


BYSTRIČKA pri Martine

Bystrička 149, 038 04 Bystrička

tel.kontakt: 0917 277 014


Kontakt pre Žilinský kraj:

Vartiaková Adriana 

tel.kontakt: 0917 277 014



Vartiak Stanislav

tel.kontakt: 0917 475 717



kontakt pre Banskobystrický kraj:


Portekeliová Varadiová Alexandra

tel.kontakt: 0905 762 998